Baahra Bungalows is here to provide you with all your travel needs for your stay on Lanta..

Here we can book -

Flights, Trains, Buses, Boats, Excursions, Day Trips, motor bike rental and much more…

There are a wide range of activities and events here on Koh Lanta to either keep you busy during your stay or there are plenty of ways to relax and unwind.

Whatever your choice is there is something for everyone on Kah Lanta no matter their age or ability.

You can get to Koh Lanta in a number of ways -



The main and closest airport to Lanta is in Krabi (2 hours drive) but there are also an increasing number of domestic and international flights going to Phuket these days. Flights to Krabi are both Domestic and International and operate regular schedules throughout the year. The main 2 international airports are Bangkok or Kula Lumpar and from here you can travel to pretty any destination in Asia.

Mini Bus


Go into any tour operator in Thailand and they can get you somewhere by minibus! The same is here in Lanta. There are frequent transfers from and to all the main towns nearby (Phuket, Krabi, Trang, Hat Yai) and also from just across the border in Malaysia and Burma. Mini buses leave all through the day depending on the distance of travel. We can also arrnage overnight bus services to Bangkok and Kula Lumpar.


The main Thai train line runs the length of Thailand and allows you to view the countryside from a more sedate position. The closest Train Station to Koh Lanta is situated in Trang (around 2.5hr by road) and runs all the way from Kuala Lumpar, Chaing Mai to Bangkok. Most trains have a variety of classes and comfort levels from single seats to sleeper carriages. For Long distances we suggest that you opt for a sleeper carriage as these are far more comnfortable.

For all transfers, schedules and quotes please email or tel – +6675684645 so we can get you the best price and arrange everything for you so you don’t need to worry about anything..

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